Professor Johnson teaching.

When Stevie Johnson’s students hear “quiet on the set,” it is their cue to begin their speeches. Johnson uses his experience as an actor and feature film director to encourage his students to overcome their fear of public speaking and become effective communicators. He taught at the University of Southern California for over five years. After his first semester, he saw so much growth in his students’ ability to speak in front of an audience that he got hooked on making a difference in people’s lives. “Speech communications is organic, something that people are designed to do but many people are afraid to find their true voice. My goal is to help students shed their fears and self doubt. I find it very rewarding to hear from past students who thank me for helping them become accomplished public speakers.”   GET A JUMP ON CLASS… Purchase the Textbook here.
How To Survive Speech 101 (Wrkbk) By. Stover Johnson Binding Pape This book is Required for: SPEECH 101 – FALL 2012 section 1350,65

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  1. Irene Young says:

    Professor Johnson!

    Where can I buy one of those “I survived Speech 101” tshirts?! I want to show the rest of ELAC who’s boss! ^__^ You’re an awesome professor by the way! Can’t wait til Convertible Chocolate is released!

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